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               The Advent message (Revelation 14) to all the world in this generation. 


The role of the Comms department, as it is often known, is to;

1.     Promote and publicise all church events including external events of interest.       

2.     Utlise the best communication tools available to keep our members and visitors informed. ie 
        via bulletins, notice boards and updating our church 

3.     Work with all departmental heads to identify how the communication team can help promote
        their services.

4.     Centralise and communicate all church policies and procedures.

5.     Make contact with external establishments to promote our presence in the community.

If you have any information which you would like to share with the church please email;






Walthamstow Seventh Day Adventist Church. 78-80 Boundary Road, Walthamstow E17 8JU. Tel: 0208 520 2760