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Health Expo

Walthamstow Health Expo - 5th July 2009

Walthamstow SDA came together led by the Health and Temperance Team to present the Walthamstow Health Expo in Walthamstow Town Square. The Health Expo was cantered on 8 laws of health - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust better known as NEWSTART.    The team consisted of a dedicated and committed church members that included a number of health professionals such as a  Consultant,  qualified nurses,  a pharmacist and leaflet distributors, teachers and IT specialist,  to name a few.

Recognising the potential component for evangelism and the benefits of health awareness for both the church and the community Karen Jordan-Nicholls, the Health and Temperance Leader invited Neil Blest BUC Health Expo Trainer to train team members to deliver the Health Expo. These individuals of various ages studied their areas with enthusiasm as everyone had an important role to deliver.  

Fully trained and equipped the team met at Walthamstow Town Square at 9.00am and watched the gazebo being put up by Ashley Marquees.   Once this was assembled everyone put the plan into action from the blowing up of 100 balloons to placing their tables, chairs, equipment and information banners strategically ready for the grand opening at 11:00am.   With great anticipation and excitement we bowed our heads and prayed for God to Bless us with a successful evangelistic event.

With curiosity in their eyes people approached the entrance and were met by our Greeters who explained the process and guided each person to the first booth which was Nutrition.   It was amazing to see people having their body max index and height measured, their blood pressure taken, participating in the 'Harvard Step' exercise, receiving body massages and learning healthy lifestyle information and tips.   The turnout was excellent and a total of 201 people passed through our doors during the 3 hours that we were there.

We processed a lot of information on the day, and many were surprised to find out their health age which was sometimes older and for the lucky ones younger than their actual age.  

Comments were made such as; 'I have received much more information from here than I have ever received from my Doctor'.

'I love what you are doing today any chance you could do it every Wednesday so I can keep an eye on my health'.

People talked about the importance of their health passionately whilst seeking guidance on diet and health principles. They welcomed information with open arms and this provided a stepping stone to invite them to our follow-up programmes where they could receive further support and guidance.

We planned four follow-up programmes which commenced immediately after the Expo, Holistic Emotional Lifestyle Programme, H.E.L.P.!TM, Cancers that affect the Man, Obesity and The 8 Laws of Health and You and Nutrition.  Our plan is to present these seminars again to achieve an increased response.  We were all truly Blessed  and we Pray  that  God will continue to direct our path as we go forward to present many more Health Expo's to our local community.

Karen Jordan-Nicholls - Health and Temperance Leader
Helen Rayney - Communications Secretary

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