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Prayer Ministries

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                                                         Prayer Ministries

The prayer ministry team are praying everyone, including individuals & families attending church.  
We are happy to pray with you on Sabbath, or at any other time, just let us know.  You are welcome to attend our Prayer and Fasting session 2-4 pm on the first Sabbath of every month - a time of prayer & praise in songs & testimonies. Fasting is optional.  We can pray for you/others during the session if you let us know in advance.

Prayer Calendar 2015

ng relationships: single and married men and women, young people and children (women, men, family ministries and hospitality team, social and recreation)

Unity amongst church members: growth in giving: talents, time, tithes; worship and witnessing (stewardship, communication, tech team, music ministries, administrative teams: clerk, book secretary, library and treasury team)

Physical, spiritual, emotional healing and compassion for the elderly, sick, disabled and bereaved (health and special needs ministries)

God’s providence for those who are poor, disadvantaged and facing challenges in life (interest co-ordinator, community and personal ministries)

Success and favour for students undertaking exams, those seeking careers and employment. (AYS, pathfinders, Adult children and junior Sabbath Schools, education)

Revival in churches and local communities and the return of missing members (personal and prayer ministries, religious liberty)

Faith and fruitfulness of church leaders at every level: locally, nationally and worldwide (pastor, elders, deacon, deaconesses, all department leaders)

Gods will for the nation; wise decision-making of the Queen, central and local government leaders

Effective public services: NHS, social services, education, welfare and emergency services

Freedom from fear and violence; peace, safety in the nation and local communities (community and personal ministries)

People experiencing persecution, pestilence, poverty, war or natural disasters; success of missionaries and ADRA

SDA leaders: conferences, presidents, directors, pastors, worldwide, nationally and locally. Church growth, evangelism, revival and reformation (every member, children, young people, families, visitors)

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