Our Worship Service


Our Worship Service 



Sabbath School takes place every Sabbath morning from 9.30am - 11am.

Adult Sabbath School includes a worship session, prayer and discussions about various topics from life

and the bible.  It may also include health updates and mission stories from areas around the world,

including local and national areas.

There are also special and exciting programmes ran at this time for children from birth to 16 years old.


Divine Service is from 11.15am - approximately 12.30pm every Sabbath.

This part of the service is for the whole family with Praise & Worship to God, our Maker; 

children stories; special items of music or poetry; offertry and dedicated prayer. 


AY (Adventist Youth) programme is on most Sabbath afternoons to explore life's issues in 

a biblical context.  


Prayer Meeting takes palce every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm. 

This is dedicated time for prayer and consecration.  


We have many other service sessions including Pathfinders & Adventurers, Health Sessions, 

special 'high' days such as Children's Day, Youth Days, Personal Ministries days and much more.

See our calendar for more information. 





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Our Beliefs

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are meant to permeate your whole life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.

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